Donate Your Embryos

Donating Embryos

Bless a Loving Family - Consider Donating EmbryosEmbryo Donation is the placement of embryos that are remaining from fertility treatments to another couple that would like to have a child or children. The ‘infertile’ couple then becomes the ‘adoptive parents’ to the donated embryos.

Embryo donation is a great way to ensure that embryos are brought into this world by a loving, stable family and live the great life they were meant to have.

Many donating families have some kind of contact with the adopting families and resulting children. Some choose not to have contact; that is all up to the donor/placing families to decide. This is all decided on a case by case basis.

We have families ready to adopt and would be happy to talk with you by phone or email. We can send you a complete Information Packet with application and everything else you need to get started on your journey to embryo adoption.

If you would like to bless a loving family by donating your embryos, please fill out the form below to get started.

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