Questions and Answers

Are there fees involved?
There are no fees for the placing/donating family.

How long does it take?
Generally, 1-2 months to find a family match for you. We can give you a better estimate when we get some information about your family and your needs.

If we are making our embryos available for another family, can we decide which family they will be placed in?
Yes, we will send you a family profile for an approved adopting family, based on strong similarities, values, and the desired degree of contact with each other. If this family feels right to you, we will send your info to them to see and approve of as well. If everyone is comfortable, that is a successful “family match”. You can choose any desired contact you desire, including “no contact”, semi-open, or open.

Do you handle the shipping and logistics of shipping the embryos?
Yes, we do that, working with both clinics to coordinate a safe transfer of the embryos to the adopting family clinic.In some cases, adopting families may come to where the embryos are, so they embryos are not moved.

Do we get a formal portfolio about potential adopting couples?
Absolutely, you will have all that information before you make a final decision if this is the right family match for you. Photo books and letters from the adopting family will be sent to you, along with recommendations by family and friends, and what they say about them.

Are the adopting families screened?
All adopting families have a formal home study with background checks and a social worker on our staff has done a home visit, as well. We have 3 social workers that travel nationwide for these meetings.

Feel free to call us with any questions you may have. 1.888.959.7712