Dedicated to bringing families together for life
At Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park, we are dedicated to helping parents and potential parents through the embryo donation process. We are there each step of the way, from matching available embryos from donating families, to working with fertility clinics and offering support and communication between the adopting and donating families.

What is Embryo Donation?

Embryo donation is a beautiful option for families who are finished growing their family using IVF, but still have remaining embryos. They can donate their unused embryos to other couples struggling with infertility, offering the hope of parenthood to others struggling to conceive.

Our embryo adoption agency is designed to make embryo adoption both affordable and accessible, while at the same time providing a venue for both the genetic family and the adopting family to have the advantage of choosing the kind of contact they will have with each other.

Counseling is available and encouraged to determine what would be the best for your family.

Baby Dominic

Embryo Donation

Embryo Donation is the placement of embryos that are remaining from fertility treatments to another couple that would like to have a child or children. The ‘infertile’ couple then becomes the ‘adoptive parents’ to the donated embryos.

Embryo donation is a great way to ensure that embryos are brought into this world by a loving, stable family and live the great life they were meant to have. Many donating families have some kind of contact with the adopting families and resulting children. Some choose not to have contact; that is all up to the donor/placing families to decide. This is all decided on a case by case basis.

Linda’s Journey of Embryo Adoption

This Telly Award winning video allows you to share Mark and Linda’s infertility heartache, which compels them to adopt a frozen embryo. You’ll go with Linda into the infertility clinic procedure room as the thawed embryo is transferred into Linda’s uterus. You’re there to share Linda’s fears that she is miscarrying. You will wait with Linda for the phone call that will either prove traumatic . . . or confirm their parenthood dreams.

Telly Awards
How We Can Help

There are thousands of human embryos held in suspended animation in freezers all over America and around the world. Millions of couples that struggle with infertility yearn to hold a baby in their arms but are unable to conceive. Our program is designed to bring those families together. Our service enables families to find each other and for the embryos to have a chance to be born into a loving family. Every embryo is a precious gift of matchless value, a human being at its earliest stages. Our goal is to bring families together and offer embryos a chance to be born, for the sake of their own lives and for an infinite number of future generations.

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"Our second child, a genetic sibling to our first child, Hope, was given to us on December 7, 2021. His name is Asher, which means Happy or Blessed. God gave us Hope through our first child, and God gave us another great blessing with Asher. Even the way he came was a blessing--he came quickly, in less than two hours of labor. Happy New Year!" ~Jon & Heather...

"After trying to get pregnant for two years with many closed doors, and getting test results that labeled me as infertile, God led us to Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park at the end of 2019. We had such an amazing experience and were matched with a great donor family. Even with the pandemic starting and pushing back our transfer, the Lord was so faithful and we got pregnant with our baby girl Hope. This is our first Christmas together as a family of three, and we couldn’t be more filled with joy to be this little girl’s parents. Thank you for facilitating our biggest dreams coming true." ~Alex and Colton...

"On November 11th, 2021 my wife and I welcomed into the world our precious first son, Levon! This day felt like a miracle in many ways after pursuing pregnancy over the last six years without success."...

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Check Out Our Book!

We published this book to share with you the stories of hope and inspiration families have experienced through our program, Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park.

My husband and I are so grateful to have learned about EASCP. Maria provided personal and responsive assistance to us throughout the adoption process. We really felt like she cared and advocated for us as a family. We researched a couple of other options and chose EASCP because we liked their program the best and it was obvious that it was designed in the best interest of the embryos and resulting born children and thus their families. We highly recommend Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park! – Jennifer and Andre

We adopted two embryos through Cedar Park in June, 2011. We were matched quickly and with a family that also wanted an open relationship. Maria was incredibly responsive to our emails and our questions and the nuances of adoption. We had a fantastic experience with Maria and have recommended her to many other families. I highly recommend Cedar Park as an embryo adoption agency.
– Karissa and Nat

To anyone in the position of contemplating giving their embryo for adoption, I highly recommend the services of Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. Every step in the process has been a gift of grace to our family and the fruit of this process has born life to a child of God which hopefully will soon give new life to a couple that has for so long desired a child for their family. This agency is an answer to your prayers! – Linda


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