Double Blessings

Caelan has arrived

Double Blessings

Miracle Number Three, For the Colleen & Matt Family!

Caelan has arrived–Born 8/17/2012 8.5# 20″

Madigan and Campbell - Caelans sisters

Madigan and Campbell, Caelan’s sisters. It won’t be long, Caelan will be running to catch up!

Complete miracle

This is Colleen and Matt with their twin embryo adopted girls, Madigan & Campbell. Colleen is holding Caelan, born on August 17th. Caelan was conceived naturally after Colleen and Matt had the twins girls. Their doctor said Caelan is a “complete miracle”. We are rejoicing with them!

Now here is the REST OF THE STORY….

Because Colleen and Matt conceived naturally, and because they had remaining embryos from their embryo adoption, those remaining embryos where placed with another adopting family, Fred and Elizabeth. We have just received word, that Elizabeth and Fred are also pregnant, and also pregnant with twins. Here is the ultrasound pic just from the other day!

Twins - Ultrasound pictures

These babies are only about 6 weeks old in this photo. We are so excited for Fred and Elizabeth. Our prayers, and best wishes are with them! These embryos were frozen for twelve years.

How It All Came to Pass… “If I had not given a speech in another state, and had the original donor family not heard my talk about embryo adoption, these embryos could still be in the freezer. You never know, when you give your testimony and share with others the blessings in your life, how it will affect the lives of others.

I remember taking my daughter Elisha, then 5, with me on the train to make that trip. As we were climbing on the train, and as I helped her up, she looked up at me and said, “Mama, I was born for this!”. Well, I guess she was. All of these children will live, and know each other through the miracle of embryo adoption. Now four children will be born as the result of the families that have adopted them. These two wonderful adopting families will have the joy of knowing each other, and sharing each other’s lives, all their lives. There just isn’t anything better than shared joy, and triumph, over so much previous disappointment and heartache. We will keep you updated on the progress of these babies!”

Maria Lancaster, Director


“All babies are miracles, and our lives have been impacted by many of them even those we’ve never met. Through the years, the birth of Elisha, the three children of our donor family, Campbell, Madigan and now Caelan have brought us to the incredible joy we are experiencing today. In retrospect after we contacted EASCP in February 2012 things have moved fast, but at the time, it felt like forever given our past. We completed the paperwork, created a photobook, homestudy and were matched with an amazing family. They have touched our lives in a way that no one could imagine and we will never be able to adequately express our gratitude to them. Our embryo transfer took place on August 17th, the same day Caelan was born! We received a positive pregnancy test on August 31st. On September 10 we were thrilled, amazed, and thanking God that were two gestational sacs! We haven’t told our families yet, we agreed from the beginning that we would tell them only after the first trimester, which is coming up in the next few weeks. We can’t wait to share the news with everyone. In the meantime, we have been communicating with Colleen and Matt who have been answering questions, telling us various tips, sharing stories and generally being there for us. We are so grateful to our donating family, and for Colleen and Matt being part of our lives.”

-Elizabeth and Fred

Birthday Greetings!

Esther Hope Turns One

Esther Hope Turns One

Esther was born September 28, 2011

Esther - beautiful girl

We are proud of Esther, and we know her Mom Rachel and Dad Diony are too. She is a beautiful girl.

Jordan James Happy Birthday

Jordan James, Happy Birthday! Born October 6th 2011

Linda with Jordan James

Congratulations to Linda, Mark & Jordan!

Elisha Birthday Cake

Elisha turned 9 years old, and is now in the 3rd grade…

Born September 5, 2003
Elisha was the first baby born as an adopted embryo in the State of Washington, and the 36th born in the nation. She is also our wonderful daughter.

-Maria Lancaster

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