Ira Louise Born March 21st 2024

Ira Louise Born March 21st 2024

Ira Louise Born March 21st 2024 to
first time parents Connor and Meriah
~ Embryo Adoption Miracle!

Congratulations to Connor & Meriah!

“Our beautiful baby girl, Ira Louise was born March 21st in our home at 7.8 lbs and 21.5 inches. She is in every way God’s promise. He has been so faithful in this process and was with us in every moment of her birth. Baby girl is healthy and so expressive. We are absolutely in love and so thankful for her miraculous story of how God chose her to be a part of our family before we even knew what embryo adoption was!”
~Meriah and Connor
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What a beautful baby girl. We are so thrilled for Meriah and Connor. A first baby is a very big deal. So much JOY!

We love your art work Meriah! Yes, a baby is God’s promise that there is hope for the future! Embryo adoption is one way God does it!

Connor is now having his time with his new baby daughter, Ira. A whole lifetime of joy and immeasurable rewards of being a father are ahead. We are so glad you are together, forever.

At last baby is born, resting in peace now that the hard part (birth) is over. The first of many sweet dreams. Congratulations to the new mom Meriah!

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We have all kinds of donor families. This includes couples of a variety of religions: Jewish, Hindu, Protestants, Catholics, Christians, and others. As for race there are Hispanic, East Indian, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, African American, Middle Eastern, Caucasian, and mixed race of several combinations. We try to find couples that are similar to each other for matching for the sake if the born children.

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Reading Resources for March 2024
A book of hope for grief

You Are Still a Mother

“This lovely book is proof that things beautiful can grow from sorrows unspeakable. Jackie Gibson has found a way of lending her story of loss to others lost in darkness and overcome with grief in a way that shines light on the path ahead. In communion with others who have suffered in similar ways, with raw honesty but gentleness, with grace and elegant prose, she charts a journey of learning not to understand but to trust the One who does and who will never leave your side. These pages will be a balm to many, whatever your unique heartache, and they will point you to the goodness and love of God in a profoundly moving way. I cannot recommend this book highly enough!”

David Gibson, Minister, Trinity Church, Aberdeen.

Purchase from Amazon here

Medical Momement for March 2024
Help for PCOS

About the Author

Tamika Woods (B.H.; B.Ed.) is a Clinical Nutritionist and founder of Nourished Natural Health.

Since early in her career, Tamika has been deeply driven to support women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Her professional path has been heavily influenced by her personal journey. Tamika, like the women that she works with, suffers with the debilitating symptoms of PCOS.

She spent more than 10 years trying to figure out how to best manage her symptoms: from doctors and specialists to countless fad diets and quick fixes.

But it wasn’t until Tamika found a sustainable, long-term system to treat her symptoms that she finally was able to be the best version of herself and thrive despite her PCOS.

After years in clinical practice and supporting women with PCOS to overcome the same challenges as her, Tamika has focused on publishing her knowledge and supporting women with PCOS globally.

Her first book, PCOS Repair Protocol, is her way to share this knowledge with the world. Purchase on Amazon here.

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