Julian, first born to Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park, is now two years old!

Julian 2nd BD

Julian, first born to Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park, is now two years old!

Happy Birthday Julian!


Julian as a baby! March 10, 2010

Julian was the first born baby to Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park. He is a joy to us all, and will always be such a special little guy. He was our “ice breaker baby”, leading the way for others to be born! We are thankful that his mom and dad, Melanie and Brian,  were able to get on the embryo adoption “ship”,  and chart the course that many others have now followed.

Look What the Lord Has Done!

Julian’s baby celebration at Cedar Park Church! 2010

Julian at Celebration

Julian’s Celebration Day 2010!


“This month, as we celebrated Julian’s second birthday we took some time to reflect on what made  it all possible – Embryo Adoption!!  We feel so blessed that Maria has dedicated her life to helping families like ours – EA was truly an answer to our prayers! After 4+ years of trying and heartache, thanks to the loving Donor Family and the extended Cedar Park Community, we were finally able to fulfill our dream of becoming parents.  We look forward with joy to the many more birthdays we will be able to celebrate with our sweet little guy. What a blessing he is in our lives!”

Julian 2nd Birthday


Best wishes to Julian, and his parents, Melanie and Brian.

Thank you for being part of our Cedar Park family! You will always be a very special family to all of us! God Bless you!


Within Embryo Donation and Adoption  

This is great information about the topic. Brian and Melanie, Julian’s parents have an open relationship with the family that made their embryos available to them. Open adoption between families can bring joy to all, especially the born children!

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