Welcoming Theodore. Born August 12th 2023. His story is already an epic adventure!

Welcoming Theodore. Born August 12th 2023. His story is already an epic adventure!

Welcoming Theodore
Born August 12th 2023. His story is already an epic adventure!

From Natalie and James
Theodore’s parents

“We are so happy to announce the arrival of our perfect bundle! Thanks to Maria and her team at Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park and a loving and giving family we were able to bring Theodore into this world and into our family. He is seven weeks old now. He is everything we expected and more. We literally can’t stop staring at him with happiness that he is ours.

He is such an easy baby and we are enjoying watching him change day by day. We have been busy introducing him to family and friends who will make up his village! We are so excited for what is in store for our future.”

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To Theodore:
God has a plan for you!

“Everyone shall stand in awe and confess the greatness of the miracle of God…. They will realize what amazing things He does.” Psalm 64:9

We love that embryo adoption can bring so much much joy to families both donating and adopting!

Embryo Adoption Services of Park Opens
New Office in Virginia Beach, Virginia!

We are very excited about opening an East Coast office this year. Located near the heart of Virginia Beach we look forward to being able to meet our East Coast couples and fertility clinic teams. We are a national organization so we wanted to have a presence on this side of the country. Our Issaquah, WA office is still our head corporate offices but now we are on both coasts serving families!
Embryo Adoption Services
of Cedar Park
900 Commonwealth Place #225
Virginia Beach, VA 23464


Did you know?
You can raise ALL your funds including your medical expenses through our Miracle Embryo Foundation!

For Adopting Couples!

All you have to do is copy and paste this link below, or forward this email to your family, friends, church, and they can make a tax-deductible donation towards your adoption fees, and even for your medical expenses. 100 % of funds donated in your name will be applied to your fees!
Questions? Give us a call 1-888-959-7712
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Medical Moment for September 2023
Infertility and Dental Hygiene!

Dental Hygiene Can Affect
Your Fertility

By Rachel Gurevich, RN
Updated on April 19, 2020
Good oral hygiene doesn’t only make you more kissable-it also may make you more fertile. According to emerging research, dental health may impact how long it takes a woman to conceive. In men, gum disease and tooth decay have been linked to poor semen and sperm health. The possible connection between dental health and fertility applies to both men and women.

Read all about it HERE

The Bridge Project – Connecting Families

Making connections
with your family!

We are helping families to connect with each other through this project. Both adopting and donating families have been set up with personal Sharefile folders so all updates can be shared and saved.
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Here is how you can help!

If you are interested in making a tax deductible donation to support The Bridge Project, you may donate to our foundation, The Miracle Embryo Foundation that directly supports this heart touching and relationship building work.

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We will take care of the rest by adding these updates to your adopter or donor Sharefile folder for them to see. They will be notified by Sharefile that they have updates! People love updates, and we love to pass them on!

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